The Best Miele Canister Vacuum Reviews

Guided by the German mantra “immer besser” or always better, the family-run Miele Company has been going strong for over four generations now. Founded in 1899 by Reinhard Zinkann and Carl, Miele has built a solid, world-renowned reputation on its high-quality appliances.

As a testament to its commitment to great design without compromising durability, all Miele products must pass an endurance test that simulates about 20 years of constant use. Quality is upheld in every appliance that bears the Miele name, and the most famous of these products are its world-renowned vacuum cleaners.

Following are the top Miele canister vacuums I came across while doing my own research:

  1. Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vac

The Miele S2121 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is really a top competitor in its class. The flexible cleaner is suitable for clean all sorts of floors effortlessly, whether you’re cleaning carpets and rugs or uncovered floors.

  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • AirClean filter
  • Dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle on VarioClip
  • 29.5-feet cleaning radius
  • Classic combination carpet/smooth floor tool recommended for low pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring

Miele Classic C1 Olympus canister vacuumThis canister vacuum cleaner is a part of Miele’s inexpensive Classic C1 vacuum series, and features top quality German engineering having an uncomplicated yet efficient style. Unlike other vacuums in its class, this Miele vac isn’t bulky and it is evenly balanced to maintain from showing over.

You can choose your suction when using the Olympus canister vacuum cleaner. There are six-suction levels available, with nothing more than a twist of the easy to adjust rotary dial needed to provide the proper suction power for the room that you are cleaning. The powerful 1,200 amp motor is enough to get the job done without being loud and noisy. Anyone who has ever tried to vacuum with a noisy cleaner understands how frustrating this can be, so the quite operation of the Olympus is certainly appreciated.

Having a stainless-steel wand, grime and contaminants stand absolutely no chance. This wand really attracts all the dirt, dirt and contaminants its method, leaving absolutely no dirt behind. There is a good long cord which means you don’t have to stop and begin numerous times while you clean your house.

With the Olympus you get a Classic FiberTeQ floor tool. This awesome tool is perfect for cleaning low carpeting, rugs and bare floors with ease. You can use the tool to easily transition from carpet to other flooring with the flip of a switch. You also get three other accessories with the Olympus including a dusting brush, a crevice nozzle and an upholstery tool.

Additionally, along with automatic rewind, life is really easy and simple when it’s time to place the vacuum cleaner away. Say goodbye to twisted cords as well as frustration attempting to wind them support. There is a user friendly auto-seal shutting Filter bag on the Olympus. This particular bag traps more grime, dust as well as allergens compared to leading bags, keeping these types of harmful substances from your air.


  1. Miele Classic C1 Capri Canister Vacuum

The Miele Capri is recommended for low pile carpeting, area rugs, and hard floor surfaces. Its floor tools and accessories make it particularly versatile, and it’s loaded with the standard components that make Miele’s S2 series vacuums efficient and user-friendly.

  • Turbo comfort turbo brush
  • Parquet floor brush
  • Air clean filter
  • 29.5 Foot operating radius
  • Rotary dial speed control

Miele Classic C1 Capri Canister VacuumThis vacuum cleaner features two floor tools. The STB 205-3 Turbobrush, ideal for cleaning low to medium pile carpeting, area rugs and all smooth flooring, contains a rotating roller brush which loosens the dirt in the floor. The SBB Parquet-3 brush, with long, soft natural bristles, cleans tile, wood and other smooth surfaces thoroughly.

The Capri also features a telescopic, stainless steel wand and long electrical cord with automatic rewind. It has the large 4.76 quart self-closing dust bag, and comes standard with the Super Air Clean filter. The SF-HA30 HEPA filter can also be used. The canister weighs only 10 pounds, and has a 29.5-foot operating radius.

Like the S2121 this vac has 6 speeds/6 power settings controlled by the middle rotary dial, so you can increase the air intake if you encounter more stubborn dirt, or go “silent mode” when you want to. It’s all powered by Miele’s 1200-watt Vortex Motor System, which consumes 1200W and delivers similar performance to the Olympus, and has an automatic shut-off safety feature which is triggered by overheating.

The G/N bags can hold as much as 1.2 gallons. As expected, they have a great self-sealing mechanism which is based on a string-loaded collar. The bags are created from 9-ply construction and fibers spun randomly for increased durability, and charged electrostatically to retain even the smallest airborne particles.

The Miele Capri comes equipped with the extra long handle for optimum wrist comfort and superior air flow. Its three smooth-running 360° caster wheels respond to the natural pull of the suction hose, following you around the house with minimal effort. And when you need a break, the stainless steel wand and floor tool hang firmly on the Miele Capri’s rear parking dock. This vac can be stored in 2 positions, and it even has an auto shut-off system which kicks in when you park it in one of these.


  1. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum

Miele pretty much invented the pet-specific vacuum cleaner and its Cat & Dog models have been cleaning up after pets for well over a decade. This model of the C3 has been specifically designed with pet owners in mind with special attention to combat pet hair, dirt and odors in your home. This is an ideal vacuum for those with dogs, cats and other pets.

  • Six stage variable speed motor controlled via +/- footswitch pedals
  • Air cleaned sealed system
  • Integrated accessories
  • Electro plus electro brush
  • Mini turbo brush

Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum CleanerLike the Classic C1, this is a light, compact and solidly built cylinder cleaner with a 1.2 gallon bag capacity. There are three tools on-board under the top cover, an upholstery nozzle, dusting brush and crevice tool, and two floor-heads supplied.

Miele’s Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner features an Electro Plus electrobrush with a five-level height adjustment and an independent motor. A perfect choice for larger rooms with medium to deep pile carpeting. The Cat and Dog also includes the Parquet Twister providing 180° rotation for the agile, yet gentle care of smooth surfaces. It also has an Active Air Clean Filter with active charcoal layers to neutralize and absorb unwanted pet odors.

The Miele AirTeQ head is a direct result of new power regulations in the EU and has been designed to allow the fastest and most efficient flow of air to give the same suction power as an older 2000W vacuum with a more traditional head. It’s light and flexible, thanks to an all-way pivoting neck, and its drop-down hard floor brushes make it really effective on a range of surfaces. It is perfect for hard surfaces with its brushes lowered, the switch for which is conveniently fitted to both sides of the head. The brushes have only very small cut-outs for air flow to stop the head sticking through suction to the ground. Yet in use this head glides around on hard surfaces like it’s on wheels, drawing in dust, dirt and pet hairs with ease.

The usability of the Complete C3 Cat & Dog is enhanced by a 22 ft. long power cord, which contributes to the 36 ft. cleaning radius. With just a push of a button, you can automatically rewind the cord inside the appliance. All C3s glide smoothly thanks to the Dynamic Drive technology which uses specialized castor wheels with air-injected tires that absorb shocks. The light weight of only 11.9 lbs. improves the user interaction.

If you’ve had enough of stubborn pet hairs and doggy smells, the Miele C3 Cat & Dog has to be near the top of your list. While other models with Turbo-heads do an equally good job of collecting furry debris, the way it quells pet odor is a useful extra. It’s also built to last, has well thought out features and superb hard floor cleaning with the AirTeQ head.