The Most Common Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Consumers have the huge selection of electronic appliances in the market and they have the power to choose a brand that is best according to their needs, preference and budget. Because of this reason each vacuum cleaner manufacturer has to come up with the best quality product and should offer best services so that they would be able to establish in the market.

Interested to learn something about vacuum cleaner especially the types of vacuum? Yeah…this article we will highlight the five most popular types of vacuum cleaners.

vacuum cleaners


These types of cleaners are designed in such a way that the motor and dust collector are a separate unit. This type of design is known as a cylindrical vacuum cleaner in most of Europe and dominates theirlocal market. It enables flexibility. They have a set of wheels on top of which the entire unit is mounted and uses a flexible hose for operation. This aids usability. This enables the user to add different types of heads for different tasks. Some of them come with mechanical beater as an add-on that is often powered by an electric motor. For more info, please visit



Upright models have equal power to their canister counterparts, but trade the extra bag space for more mobility, flexibility and comfort. If you have a large living or office space to take care of, but you don’t like the extra weight that you must drag around when using a canister type vacuum, the uprights are for you.



Mostly powered by rechargeable batteries, these vacuum cleaners are quite handy when it comes to cleaning small spills. Some of them are rated as wet or dry where the dry ones are to be cleaned after picking up a wet item else they say it can start smelling foul. To clean them, one has to partially dissemble the unit.



These are designed to move autonomously without needing the help of a user in navigating them all around. The first mass-produced one was of a carpet cleaning type with a restricted suction capability. Being robotic equipment, they can navigate themselves in tight places and find their way back to the docking station for recharging their batteries. While moving around they tend to suck all the way and clean the floor. Some of them are also designed for commercial purposes.



These are the types of cleaners that are often put up at a central location in the building. They are connected to pipes that are placed at various locations in the building to serve as a vacuum inlet. New models vent the exhaust outside and are generally powered by air-turbine or beaters that run with the help of electric motors.



No matter which type of vacuum cleaner you choose, you’ve got a perfect tool that can reach the tight spots where a mop cannot. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean your home can definitely make your house cleaning faster and easier.

If you are using the robotic vacuum, you can leave home while the vacuum do the cleaning job at home. So why not get a vacuum cleaner and et the machine do the cleaning?

In the future articles, I will try to write some tips on selecting a good vacuum cleaner, so stay tune!