Upright Vacuum Cleaners – A Reader’s Guide

The Upright Suction Device

Did you know that the first domestic vacuum cleaner that was sold was the one made by Walter Griffiths in 1905? For many years, these were considered as luxury products and were not so common. Post the Second World War, these started surfacing in most upper middle class homes.


How It Works

upright vacuumA difference is air pressure is caused by a fan driven by an electric motor that creates a vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner. This drives the atmospheric air into the vacuum cleaner forcibly sucking all the particles present in the air. In the process, all of the young and most of the adult fleas are also sucked into the chamber.

Vacuum cleaners are available for both domestic and commercial purposes and vary a lot with respect to their designs. With the help of recent technological developments, the current vacuum cleaners are available in arrange of configurations for multiple usage patterns.


Upright Cleaners

These are quite unusual in Central Europe but found in Great Britain, USA and other commonwealth countries. An upright design generally consists of a rotating brush or bar that removes dust with the help of rotating action and or vibration. There are two types of designs used for domestic and commercial purposes. They are:

  • Dirty-air/direct fan (commercial)
  • Clean-air/bypass-fan (domestic)

Obviously, one can find out the major difference between these two as the air is filtered and cleaned for residential purposes.

The latest designs use two motors that are belt-driven for rotating and suction. Some of them feature auto cut-off modes if the brush gets jammed so as to protect the device from further damage. However, the most common ones use a single motor for both suction and powering the motor. Most of them are air-cooled devices.


Buying Upright Vacuums Tips

Today, upright vacuum is still one of the best and prefer choice of vacuum cleaners out there. But if you want to get a vacuum, there are various factors that you need to take into considerations before getting a new cleaner.

  • Motor power – more power, better as its produce powerful suction.
  • Bagged vs Bagless – depend to the individual preferences
  • Filter system – HEPA filter is always a prefer choice.
  • Suction control settings – different control settings for more types of surfaces?
  • Weight – lower weight is good for easy movement.
  • Power cord – longer is better? Look for those longer than 18 ft.
  • Accessories – many attached tools for various cleaning needs.
  • Warranty periods – longer better.
  • Customer services – how helpful is the customer support team. This is important when your cleaner getting problem.

Those are the major points if you consider to get a new upright vac. Nowadays, it’s easier to compare the prices online while shopping online. Some of the major online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-mart, etc are selling different types of models of vacuum cleaner.

Of course I always suggest anyone that wish to get a new vacuum go to the local vacuum store to test the particular model first. This way you will know how the vacuum works, the performance, weight, etc. Once you are satisfied, than go to get it either online or offline. Most of the online stores also provide free shipping if you order from then, so it’s a great advantage also.